Determined to
Educate, Inc. |
2015 Awards

November 5, 2015 - 6:00pm-9:30pm

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This year’s fundraiser will benefit our program “The Journal Project – Our Stories.” We are partnering youngsters with senior citizens, knitting them together so that wisdom and technology information can be exchanged, while preserving legacies and increasing literacy by storytelling and joint reading projects.

Our “Speaker Series” Program brings prominent figures and professionals to the schools we work with sharing the life stories of individuals and how they became so successful which includes challenges that were ever faced.

‘The Exposure Tour’ where we take students on trips to different sites in the business world, giving the students the opportunity to be in a different environment. This assures them that there are wider ranges of opportunities for them to grab onto. We were fortunate enough to have visited sites with the students such as The Barclays Center, WABC/Channel 7 Studios and Starbucks’ Corporate Offices.

We have also created a “Job Opportunities” program which has landed over 100 students in jobs with companies such as Rite Aid, Walgreens, TD Bank, Eurest at American Express, CBRE at American Express and BJ’s Wholesale. We were also able to collect over 400 suits and dresses (which were donated by high level executives from Fortune 100/500 companies) for students to use on interviews. Determined To Educate, Inc. serves over 1000 students a year.

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